Creating Habitats

While the other children played freeze tag and rode bikes up and down the court, Bradley slowly, deliberately, painstakingly built this habitat in anticipation of some special critter finding shelter in it:

Several times a day he runs out to check and straighten it, perhaps even add a little twig to it. He wants to bless some little creature–a frog or a turtle–and watch it enjoy what his hands built for it. My heart aches for this to happen for him.

Since my first baby was born, almost eight years ago, I’ve been building a habitat, not just a home. I’ve been deliberately, intentionally, carefully constructing, using songs, prayer, crafts, and snuggles as Bradley used twigs–to create a safe place for my little critters to enjoy. And as I do it, I sense my Heavenly Father’s heart aching for me, wanting me to receive the blessings He has in store.


One response to “Creating Habitats

  1. I might have to make a toad mysteriously appear in that habitat! Hmmm…We’ll have to chat about that.

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