I look into the mirror, see a line I couldn’t have drawn more perfectly just below my right eye. It looks like the road that took me down the wedding aisle, the labor and delivery hallway, and led me to the school of experience. It bends like the road that leads to gray hair and pruning perennials grown some 40 years, planted the year we decided our family was complete.

I revel in the day: cards and gifts in bed, everyone up and dressed early so we can go to the Farmer’s Market to eat fresh muffins and just-picked strawberries; a stop at a park, trying out the monkey bars and being proud I can swing from the first to the second; an almost-t-ball game, chased away by lightning and thunder and aluminum bats; a perfect afternoon crafting, watching movies and eating popcorn, napping, and waking up to fresh steaks and paper-thin peppered potatoes; and of course, my favorite birthday cake. Perfection. Yes, 36 is promising already.


5 responses to “36-36-36

  1. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog! I have been looking at your picture wondering if you look familiar because we might have met somewhere, or if maybe I have been on your blog before (when it was typepad maybe?). Or, maybe we were separated at birth! Speaking of birth, Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. thistledewmercantile

    Happy Birthday Deb!

    36 seems like such a long time ago!

    Kim 😛

    I’m searching for some patterns for you, but here’s one to get you started, if it’ll let me post it…

    Have fun!

  4. Hi Deb!

    Happy birthday! 36 seems like a long time ago to me!

    I found a site with a Tree of Life pattern, and am looking for more!

    Not sure if it’ll let me post the link or not. I tried once, and my post disappeared. At least I think it did… if it shows up double, then just delete it!

    Have fun!
    Kim 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Deb! Hope it was the best!

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