It’s just what we do…

Four year old Brian slams his head into his six year old brother’s skinny little side. WHAM! Brad grabs his head and throws him into the chair. CRASH! I yell, “STOP! What are you boys doing?! Do you really like doing that?” Silence. Then a respectful small voice coming out an upturned mouth, “Sure, Mom. We like it. It’s just…what we do.”

I just take a breath and ask their daddy if this is normal. He’d know. He laughs. Then the corners of his mouth turn down, obviously lamenting being the only boy, surrounded by sisters, growing up. After a minute he springs up and yells, “Bring it on!” And now there are three boys wrestling on the living room floor.



One response to “It’s just what we do…

  1. Oh Deb, I HAD to laugh! Being the mom of girls, we did not get to experience wild wrestling matches!

    (However we did experience slumber parties with girls giggling until dawn…)

    Kim 😀

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