Remote controls. Fast cars. Hydraulic screwdrivers. Can you think of anything more manly? Brad and his dad made their own remote control Dodge Charger last week at RideMakerZ (think Build-a-Bear with an engine). They chose the body style, paint color, engine type, noise and music, and more things I don’t even understand. Now younger brother Brian is counting down the days til his own birthday trip to RideMakerZ.

As fun as this car is, he may or may not remember it when he is 50. But I can almost guarantee he will remember the Guys Days his daddy plans on a regular basis. They eat breakfast out somewhere fun (McD’s this time), get their hair cut, drive around Dad’s old stomping grounds (football field, houses, etc.) and then visit Grandmom and PopPop’s graves. It’s a ritual that allows them to share in their Dad’s childhood and gives them a peek into when he was their age.


2 responses to “RideMakerZ

  1. Brad…that is so cool! I’m going to have to show this to Jacob and Ben. Thanks for telling me all about it when we were strawberry picking.

  2. This looks like such a cool place, but expensive. Brad did a great job! Looks like he will get a lot of miles out of this!

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