My All-Stars

You know how you get to the end of something that took a lot of time and dedication and you feel that pride welling inside you? Well, that’s what today felt like for my boys. They played their little hearts out this season. Brad even made it to the first All-Star T-Ball game this year. I’m proud of my little men.


I also have to say I’m very proud of my big man, who has coached our kids in T-Ball since the beginning. He is a great coach, and I’d put my kids on his team even if he weren’t my husband!


2 responses to “My All-Stars

  1. I like your trophies, Brad and Brian! Congratulations!!
    from Jacob

  2. Grr, forgot to add your new location to my feed reader. 🙂 Fixed it now. 🙂 Awesome about the t-ball all star game.

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