This is the Day…

We’ve begun to celebrate Sabbath in a more intentional way this summer. Like Carol Brazo, author of No Ordinary Home, “We patted the concept of Sabbath on the head like a pet monkey. Nice little concept. Sweet idea. We did not stop to learn it.” Still, God tugged at our hearts, calling us to sit at His feet on His day.

This is our second week of setting aside the normal duties of life from Saturday evening to Sunday evening, and already we have received a greater measure of His peace, closer communion with Him, and rejuvenation in our bodies and renewal in our spirits.

We’ve set aside cleaning, cooking, planning, organizing, and thinking about what we will do on Monday. We’ve embraced sitting still, enjoying board games and charades, ball games and swimming. Next week we hope to incorporate a lovely dinner and communion meal together on Saturday night. We look forward to sweetening the celebration by using our creative gifts to create an atmosphere of worship; examining Scripture with fresh eyes, and teaching His precepts to our children; and inviting others to join us in our Sabbath celebrations.

As we move forward in our journey, we invite you to walk along with us. Ask the Lord how He wants you and your family to celebrate Sabbath. You could also consider outside resources for inspiration: Carol Brazo’s No Ordinary Home, Karen Mains’ Making Sunday Special, or Doorposts’ A Day of Delight. Just be careful to make sure you don’t use the books in place of God’s direct guidance. He is faithful to show us the way He has for us when we seek Him.

Join us…As We Walk.


5 responses to “This is the Day…

  1. Being raised a Mennonite I know all about setting the day aside. We werent allowed to buy gas for the car or eat out or any such thing on Sunday. To this day I find it hard to do major weekly jobs on Sunday. Its amazing how old habits die hard.

    Enjoy your journey. I probably wont get back to that way of celebrating sundays again but I do love the idea.

  2. I think the trick for us is not to be legalistic about it, but to revel in the “vacation” God has provided for us on Sundays. In this hustle bustle life where our calendars are packed with “musts,” it’s nice to have a “free pass” from God.

  3. My husband’s idea of the sabbath is to make it our idea of what Heaven is like. I don’t picture Heaven as a place where you just sit around being holy, I picture it as a place where you can enjoy your family, visit friends and just be unstressed and happy. Sounds like a great thing for your family to do 🙂 I really enjoy your blog btw.

  4. We always have a rest time on Sunday, but it would be nice to focus more on worship and relationships. I think I’ll check out those links…

  5. I love your thoughts. Yes, we have just let Sundays become another day to get stuff done (after church).

    We are learning to protect that day and use it to minister to our family.
    I’m so glad God thought of rest … I sure need it!

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