The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

I was an overzealous mom the first time around. I signed Brooke up for music class at the college when she was two months old! I was going to give this baby a head start in life. Now I giggle to think I was even coherent when she was two months old. Of course, she was one of those wonder babies who began sleeping through the night at ten weeks. But I digress.

We learned a little ditty way back then, “Way up high in the apple tree, two little apples smiling at me. I shook that tree just as hard as I could. Down came the apples; mmmmm…they were good!” Dad’s been doing that with them for years. Here’s what I happened upon today–Brooke “shaking” Brea’s apple tree:



2 responses to “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

  1. What a sweet story!

  2. Beautiful and sweet! We have a few of those around here and it is so fun to see the kids doing them with each other instead of just with daddy, though some of them are a bit scary when daddy isn’t involved.

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