Set Aright, part 3

In part 1, I shared how God opened my eyes to my feeble attempt to meet my needs for approval, significance, and love by being involved in lots of activities, projects and organizations. It was then that He called me to a Commitment Fast.

In part 2, I shared my struggle for finding my identity apart from my busy-ness and leadership roles. I also exposed the real amount of time my commitments were taking, including the “mind-time” they were stealing from God and my family.

Now I’d like to celebrate the good work God has done in me these past 18 months. I am living a life I once aspired to, but felt was unrealistic–relaxed and full of gratitude. Full of plenty of free time to make waffles and swim with the kids; plenty of time to play Gin Rummy and Monopoly with my wonderful, if competitive, husband; plenty of time to braid my daughter’s hair and read Speed Racer to my son. Most importantly, plenty of time to invest in the relationships God has place in my life in this season; to sow and reap their fruits. 

I have a sign placed prominently in my home that says, “Relax. It doesn’t get much better than this.” It doesn’t, really. Despite lay-offs, health issues, floods, and dirty diapers, my life is a gift I’d ask for over and over again. I am finally on the road the Lord has gone before to clear for me.

* If you’ve been touched by this series, please drop me a note. If you have any questions or need prayer, email me. The Lord has pruned me not only for myself but for the others He has placed in my life–including you, Dear One.


5 responses to “Set Aright, part 3

  1. Empty Nest Full Life

    Thanks for your sweet comment. I am so new to this blog thing it will take me a while to get it all figured out, but I read your post today and the others that went with it and it really spoke to me. I am finding myself having been so busy with my children it seems as if my identity had become wrapped up in other things and am not sure what God really wants me to be doing. Your fast is something that makes much sense and even thought it is really quiet around here now, I have not made enought time to really seek what God may be saying to me. Timely advice for sure. I had better start making my list and bringing it before God.

  2. Your transparency blesses. That realness heals and brings much life to those around you. I’m one of them.:-)

  3. Deb,
    Thank you for writing these. Your message spoke to me and was something I really needed to hear and meditate on.

    thank you!

  4. “my life is a gift I’d ask for over and over again” I love this statement. Isn’t it amazing how when we live our lives according to His will that every negatives is overshadowed by His grace?

  5. Wow! I really do mean WOW! Your honesty and humility are amazing and incredibly helpful too. Thank you. Thank you for putting a big spotlight on the true motivation of my busyness. God is working in mighty ways through you 🙂
    P.S. I found this site through the discussion on ‘small notebook’ about the difficulty of doing less. Thanks for sharing.

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