Meet “The Spiritual Mom”

I met Carla Williams, The Spiritual Mom, in 2006 years ago at the Sandy Cove Christian Communicators’ Conference when I was took one of her workshops. I was particularly interested in her book, As You Walk Along the Way, but my husband wasn’t working and we couldn’t afford to buy extras. As I made a quiet exit from the workshop, she came running after me with a copy of the book in her hand. She said the Lord laid it on her heart to give me a free copy. What a blessing. Recently we reconnected when she felt prompted by God to search the internet for “As We Walk,” which just happens to be the name of this humble blog, and put a link to it on her own blog.

So you can imagine I’m excited to learn that New Day is airing an interview with Carla and her son this week. I’m going to head over to listen to it. Carla has a great story–I hope you, too, can find a few minutes to listen to it.


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