Old Friends, New Experiences

I love that in the past few years a group of us from high school has begun getting together with our families every few months. They were my best friends back then, and they know more about me than I’d like to remember. But they’ve also grown old-er with me. We can appreciate the changes God has made in each of us. We can rest easy together because we know God’s not finished with us yet. There’s a sense of history and a hope of future.

Today we met up at a local park for some lunch and gabbing. The kids, of course, opted out of the gabbing part, but had a great time romping together and batting the ball around. Every once in a while I’d blink to remind myself I wasn’t a 15 year old girl dreaming of the future. Here we were, in reality, 18 years later, with our own children. (I’ve got the goosebumps.)

I’d love to show you photos of us having fun, but I haven’t gotten their permission. So I’ll just include a really cool shot of Brian holding a boa someone from another party brought.


3 responses to “Old Friends, New Experiences

  1. kim Brashears

    Hello Deb,

    Kim Brashears. I really enjoyed and was blessed ,by all that you shared on your blogged page. Your kids will have wonderful memories,of their parents taking the time to spend time together as a family.And they will grow up and do the same as you have set the example of what’s important. Proverbs 31

    Love Kim Brashears

  2. My, that’s a big snake! Can’t wait to hear about what it’s like to get together with the old high school crew.

  3. that was a big snake!
    love you.


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