Perfect Timing

Recently an adult guest in our home was acting a little too familiar with Brooke, and I sensed the need to reiterate the notion of “boundaries” with her. We went for a walk at a local park, where the two of us could be alone. I wasn’t sure I was getting through to her, that she really understood what I was trying to communicate. Then the neatest thing happened…

The squirrels were particularly bold and were approaching us. They were looking for food, I suppose, but it was unnerving. At least a dozen squirrels walked right up to us or stopped and stared at us from mere inches away. Some followed us! Brooke was scared (and I was a little rattled, too). At one point, several began scuttling toward us; I picked up a big stick “just in case,” and Brooke froze in fear. I called for her to come join me, where I could protect her, and I heard…click…clack…click…THUMP! In one bold move she jumped on my back like a monkey and held on for dear life.

It was such a God-thing. What a perfect example of something acting inappropriately and inspiring discomfort (or fear). How perfect that I could show her if she stays aware and close to me I can help protect her. I couldn’t have concocted a better example if I’d tried.

God is always amazing, providing for us just what we need, just when we need it. Click…clack…click…THUMP! (That’s me jumping on God’s back like a monkey!)


One response to “Perfect Timing

  1. Hi Deb,

    Thanks for that post… It’s good for us Moms of daughters to share and encourage each other in protecting our girls. Establishing that sort of trust in them when they’re young really helps us to be able to talk to them when they’re older!

    P.S. Loved the fingerprint art!

    Kim 🙂

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