Yummy New Fabric Store…in your very own [online] neighborhood!

I admit I’m a fabric freak. I see a bolt I like and I can’t leave the store without buying at least 1/2 a yard. I have a huge basket filled with all different colors, textures, and patterns. That’s why I was thrilled to see Randi at I Have to Say has opened her own online fabric store, Fresh Squeezed Fabrics.


2 responses to “Yummy New Fabric Store…in your very own [online] neighborhood!

  1. Hey! Loved your post on Me and My Girl! Your girlie is so clever! My daughter got a dollhouse for Christmas last year (she is four)-one that is LARGER than life. (No exxageration!) My husband made it and I made most everything that is IN it. I hope to get her started on adding her own sort of charm and projects to it soon.

    Just wanted to stop and say Hi, and tell you how cute your little designer looked.

  2. Love the fabric! I, also am a self professed fabric junkie. Here is another great fabric site:


    I am eying some fabric on there for a birthday present for Max.

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