A Few Almosts…

This photo by my almost IRL friend, Mollie, makes me almost want to do laundry. I say “almost IRL friend” because she lives a few minutes from me and we keep “just missing” each other all around town. I say “almost want to do laundry” because dh has taken over the washing and drying, and I’m enjoying a bit of fabric freedom. Still, this post almost did me in.


2 responses to “A Few Almosts…

  1. Funny, my hubby has taken over the laundry more than a few times–in fact he told me he would again but started playing WOW instead. Sigh. (In my case laundry makes my RA bad and he wants me to be able to paint so doesn’t mind a bit of laundry.:))

  2. I keep seeing pictures like this and wishing I had a clothes line… right now my laundry would all smell like smoke though 😦 The fires in the Great Dismal Swamp have been sending smoke our way for the past few weeks.

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