Special Time

Our kids relish the private time they have with me and hubby. Usually we take them somewhere special–the movies, ballgame, theater. But with money being tight, we’re trying to find inexpensive, reasonable, well, free, ways to have fun together. Brian and I painted our masterpieces last week and hung them on the school room bulletin board.

What are your favorite free ways to spend special time with your own children? I’d love to have more ideas.


3 responses to “Special Time

  1. My kids like to do “dates” with hubby and I. Hubby takes them out and spends money on them, I take them out and do errands. 🙂

  2. Love this photo! Thanks again for the reminder that one-on-one time with the children doesn’t have to be costly or complicated.

  3. Sister and I read together. That is to say she picks out a book from the library that interests her but is beyond her reading level and I read it aloud. On more than one occasion we have foregone housekeeping and errands and even meals at the table in favor of an all day book marathon and quick snacks.

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