Jammie Cases

Brooke (visit her blog at Fashion, Fun and Friends) made beautiful jammie cases out of pretty tea towels.

She folded the towel in half, matching up the short sides, and pinned them in preparation for sewing.

Then she sewed straight up both sides, leaving the top open ( much like a sideways pillowcase).

She turned the case so the finshed side was out.

She put the jammies in.

Finally, she surprised her brothers and sister with their own finished jammie cases.

Needless to say, they loved them!

I think my favorite part was that she made them all on her own. Yes, it was hard not to “help;” but it’s time to let her spread her sewing wings.


7 responses to “Jammie Cases

  1. That is so sweet! Jammie cases don’t last in our house, no one can ever find them.:)

  2. How fun! Regan is really wanting to learn how to sew, but I am not ready to let her loose on my machine yet. We just started this weekend with some hand sewing with yarn and plastic needles and sheets of foam. I will have to post some pictures of what she has done soon! I love the dresses too! The girls have a few matching outfits, but I have not found ones for all of us 🙂

  3. How sweet! How old was your daughter when you finally let her sew on her own? My daughter is 6 and really wants to sew, but I’m not sure if she’s old enough yet.

  4. What a fun project. Good for her! And good for you for letting her do it on her own.

  5. What a fun project. I bet she was so proud as she should be!!!

  6. What a cute idea – and so sweet that she made them for her siblings!

  7. I found your project on the Crafty Crow. I think this will be perfect case for a diaper, wipes and change of clothes for our new little one coming in January. I do believe this is a project this sewing newbie can do! Thank You for sharing and what a blessing you must be to your siblings!

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