Sonflower Sisters Sunday

This month’s Sonflower Sisters theme was Just for Company. Hebrews 13:2 says that in entertaining strangers, some have unwittingly entertained angels.

The hostesses decided fruit skewers were the perfect food for guests. I agree!

We also learned how to set a table and made a placemat to help us set one at home.


5 responses to “Sonflower Sisters Sunday

  1. That is so sweet. I love the concept of this though my girls are getting older and we unofficially did very similar activities (when my oldest was 3-6 we would have a tea party each Sunday and spend time talking about God and His plans, hospitality, and table manners. It was lovely and sweet and I was sad when it ended. We still do it occasionally but with a boy in the mix.:)

    I have been pondering all I learned in Girl Scouts growing up and figuring out how to spend this summer using all that to hel pmy kids along while combining it with what God has done and will do. They are begging me to teach them what I learned.

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  4. Oh Deb, this looks like so much fun.

  5. I love the placemat idea!

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