Old Rugged Cross

I’ve been learning to say “yes,” to my children when what they ask to do something that isn’t already on my radar screen. It usually means putting something aside or doing something I think is inconvenient.

Yesterday Brooke asked to go in the attic to look through old things. We ventured up in the heat and found her One Year Box. We rifled through the local newspaper published on the day she was born, cards with blessings from her Dedication ceremony at church, her first Christmas dress (from my mom) and her first Easter dress, among other priceless treasures. We found these two crosses in there–the one on the right is from my Great Grandfather, who died only a few years ago. I think the cross on the left is from his wife, Brooke’s Great Great Grandmother, who died just a few short years before him. I was so blessed to know my great grandparents.

What a treat to put aside my agenda and share these special moments with the next generation.


One response to “Old Rugged Cross

  1. The unexpected fruit of saying yes is so precious….I’ve had a few of these myself, lately, and wonder why I don’t do it more often.

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