Move Over Pink Roses

All my life I’ve loved the smell of dandelions. “Weeds,” people call them. “Pests,” my husband laments before he calls the lawn service to annihilate them. To me, they’re fond memories–summertime necklaces around my six year old tanned neck; sweet time with my best friend, Jenny, in her historic home’s back yard; affordable, hand-picked bouquets for my mother.

I finally figured out why I like the scent of my new expensive, organic, sudsy body wash.


3 responses to “Move Over Pink Roses

  1. My hubs like to kill dandelions too, while I think they are rather cute on the lawn. My daughter still likes to pick me bouquets!

  2. Hi! I’m glad you stopped by. Unfortunately Oops is just a local store with no internet site. But if you are ever in the area it is worth the trip! 🙂 Cute kids and cute blog!

  3. I love Dandelions for a spiritual reason… they stand as an abundant reminder that with God, anything is possible. There is always hope. Dandelion “weeds” one day, “wishes” the next. 🙂

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