Guess What’s Coming?

When we were choosing baby names, it was very important to my husband that the boys’ names be “football names.” This means you can yell it across a football field and it sounds manly. Phillip, Graham, Forrest (my favorites)–not football names. Brad, Brian–football names.

So why should I have been surprised that Hubby signed the boys up for Pee Wee this year? His argument made sense: let them be pummeled by other 5 year olds rather than bigger, more experienced 10 year olds. His second argument–the one to be their team manager–made sense, too: save $220 because managers’ kids don’t pay for anything but their jerseys.

So you’ll be hearing from me about the ‘ole pig skin, tackles, and bleacher etiquette soon enough. God bless them.

3 responses to “Guess What’s Coming?

  1. Looks like fun! Your hubs seems to be enjoying himself too! 😉

  2. im going to miss them.

  3. Ok, Deb. You shoulda seen my eyes reading this. First the title, “Guess What’s Coming?” And then the first phrase: “When we were choosing baby names …” I thought you were going to say #5 was on the way! ( :

    Btw, I like Phillip, Graham, and Forrest too (Victoria’s best friend’s name is Forrest — and he’s one tough boy).

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