A few years ago hubby met a handyman at the local 84 Lumber who helped him to build this playhouse out back, which we had covered with siding when we had our house done.

Last week the neighbor children decided it was time to clean up our playhouse–so they could play in it. My kids were game.

The girls added their special touch up in the loft while they boys took a soccer break.

I’ve been itching to paint it and do it all up inside, but have been waiting for the kids to take the lead. Looks like this might be our summer to finish the playhouse!

3 responses to “Playhouse

  1. Wow! That playhouse is fantastic!! I won’t let my Munchkins see it though, because they’ll probably start asking “How come we don’t have a playhouse?” and then I’d have to say, “Because we can’t afford to buy one and neither your dad or I are capable of building one …. and besides, we have a REAL house and that’s better anyways!” Then they’d say, “Oh, mom” and walk away with their disappointed little Munchkin faces!

  2. That is SO AWESOME! We have a lean to built under a tree for a “play house”. 🙂

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