Donnie and Jake

Let me tell you the story behind these Webkinz. Brooke bought them with her birthday money from Aunt Dot and Granddad.

Every night at bedtime I tell her a story about when I was her age. I’d told her a few times about the dog I got when I was 7, a toy collie. My mom and dad and I sat outside on a summer night to think up a name for him. Finally, it was nearly time for the Donnie and Marie show to come on (remember that, you 70’s girls?)–and I had a thought. Let’s name him after Donnie Osmond. I remember a light rain beginning to fall, showering us with its approval. It was a good name.

Now we have a Husky named Jake, Brooke’s beloved childhood dog. Now Jake and Donnie have finally met.

3 responses to “Donnie and Jake

  1. My kids are only recently into webkinz–we have a cat, a horse, a gecko, a dog,and a monkey. Sigh.

  2. That is too sweet for words.

  3. mommy i love you donie and jake!

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