Yep, this is my official 100th post here on WordPress. In honor of it, I’ll begin my “Hundred Things You Didn’t Know About Me.” Hold on to your hats!

  1. My first job was at a bakery, where I learned to write Happy Birthday in icing on cakes.
  2. I had dirty blonde hair as a kid.
  3. I began wearing glasses when I was 5.
  4. My best friends were: Jennifer, Debbie, Noemi and Jessie.
  5. I liked John (not Ponch) from CHIPS.
  6. My mom taught me to read when I was 3.
  7. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Coyle (grade 3); my least favorite was Mrs. Williams (grade 4).
  8. I love summer rains just before dusk.
  9. We inherited a dog named Puddles from our next door neighbor.
  10. I crashed our mowing tractor into the fence while joyriding. I was 8.

2 responses to “100!

  1. Oh fun!! I always liked John too! Always liked the blondes – John, Bo Duke…then I married a Ponch/Luke Duke:)

  2. Isn’t it funny to realize we drove tractor at age 8? I am just now considering allowing my 10 year old to learn to drive my dad’s tractor.

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