Our Staycation (part 4)

Sunday morning we met friends at Jerusalem Mill, our local historical hot-spot, for a Civil War re-enactment.

We watched both sides perform exercises.


One of the kids took this great shot of the confederate soldiers.

We enjoyed watching them interact in character. Not much has changed since the old days when it comes to young love.

Or when it comes to guys just hanging out.

After a short visit with the Blacksmith (who took the job during the winter months, not thinking of July), we headed over the the Cornhusk Doll stand.

Breanna asked to make a cornhusk “dog” and the ladies were more than gracious to help her.

Of course, a trip to the riverside wouldn’t be complete without a quick dip.

Breanna would have liked to stay in one of these tents.

And I know Brian would have loved to know what was once stored in this safe.

One response to “Our Staycation (part 4)

  1. thistledewmercantile

    HI Deb!

    I love the idea of a “staycation”… your children will remember it forever!

    And I’m going to have to check out Jerusalem Mill… looks very interesting!

    Kim 🙂

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