Staycation (part 5)

Whoa! How did we fit all this into one weekend? And we’re not even done yet! Sunday evening we finished up our back-yard campout with a dip in the pool, a movie (Bridge to Terabithia), a trip to our favorite snowball stand, and flashlight tag. The kids all collapsed into our bed at the end of the day while dh and I bombed on the couches, completely exhausted!

We love marshmallow on our snowballs!

In the first photo we have of Brooke with the tin man, she only comes up to his waist!

We love the petting zoo behind the stand.

We found out quite by accident one year that the koi like cherry snowballs.

This is about as close as my children will get to a yellow school bus, Lord willing.

This guy was perched upon the 8 foot fence to keep in the ostrich. I was hoping he wouldn’t jump on my head when the camera flashed!

Until next year, beloved snowball stand…

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