10 More Things About Me (11-20)

11. I learned to drive on a manual transmisson (stick-shift).

12. I played the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz in my senior year of high school.

13. I taught Sunday School just after I graduated from high school.

14. I asked Christ into my heart when I was 19.

15. I loved to paint pottery at M.J. Designs before they closed.

16. I like to sew, but like to cut lots of corners and break lots of rules.

17. My eyes change to green when I’m angry.

19. I edited and published our MOPS newsletter for two years.

20. I was Worship Leader for our daytime Bible study, and never lead anyone in song.


3 responses to “10 More Things About Me (11-20)

  1. Yep, I learned on the ole stick shift too.

    How do you manage being a worship leader without leading in song?

  2. I worked at MJ Designs when I was in high school! I think that Michaels is just a new name for the company… I could be wrong, but the owner of MJ Designs’ name was Michael something or other… And they had other stores in Texas or something with a different name… I could be making it all up though!

  3. Stick shift in a field for my driving lessons. Then they turned me loose on Denver – LOL! I still can hardly believe it…

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