Arts Camp Fun

Brooke is attending an arts camp at a local church, taking Singing, Drama and Balloon Sculpting/Face Painting.

Tuesday was Crazy Hair Day.

Wednesday was Wear the Word day. (Brooke decorated her brother’s t-shirt with Sharpie markers with Scripture and artwork.

Thursday was Dress Like Your Parents Day.

And Friday was Pajama Day. She is always up for some fun!!

Saturday they hosted a ministry fair to share the gospel with others using their artistic talents.

And Sunday they led the congregation in Worship. What an amazing blessing!

3 responses to “Arts Camp Fun

  1. Dress like your parents day?! Hilarious!! I’d love to see what our Munchkins would choose.

  2. We are having cousin camp this week and I will have to remember the shirt idea. Draw a picture and write a bible verse. Such a great idea. They are too young this year but in a few years this will be a hit! Thanks!!!!!

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