Doing All to His Glory!

Brooke’s Arts Camp instructors made sure the children knew they were learning new things to bring God glory and to share His love with others. Brooke blesses us with her new skills daily, and is gearing up to entertain the boys at Brad and Brian’s swim party this coming Monday.


4 responses to “Doing All to His Glory!

  1. Hi Deb!

    Pretty neat painting! It looks like Brooke’s been having a grand time at camp! Tell her to keep using her talents for the Lord!

    Kim πŸ™‚

  2. i thought i would write back here. yes, i am very thankful for our family. growing up we had nothing to do with our cousins and my sisters kids are older than mine. this group i pray will always stay close. cousin camp works great since some cousins live out of state. the kids so love it!

  3. twilightspath

    Looks like she needs more wrists/feet for her masterpieces πŸ˜›

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