Crafty Crow Flies!

I absolutely LOVE The Crafty Crow blog. Every day the “Crow” links to fun, kid-friendly, beautifully photographed tutorials for amazing crafts. Crow featured our Easter string eggs in the spring.

Just recently on Crafty Crow, we found a link to make colored glue, originally posted by All Dressed in Blue Art Studio.

I have to add a few details to the instructions:

  • Plan for this whole process to take 4 days–and prepare your children.
  • Let the glue sit for 2 days after adding the marker cartridge, and don’t peek at it! You just might drive yourself crazy!
  • Open the glue bottle, lift up the marker cartridge with tweezers, and (with gloved hands) squeeze out the marker cartridge into the glue. Lots of liquidy ink will come out, so be sure to cover your table. THEN shake. Let it sit for a day or two, then shake again. This way you can avoid: “Waaaahhh, mom, this is too hard to shake!!! Ouch, mom, can’t we just buy this stuff already made?!”
  • DON’T try to speed along the process by cutting the plastic off the outside of the marker cartridge. That’s just insane! (Trust me.)
  • If your children squeeze the glue onto plastic in order to make window clingies, make sure they pile it on. Warn them it will take 2 more days for the glue to dry.

And, if sometime during the process you lose heart, remind yourself that crafting is a lot like pregnancy: there are times you think you won’t make it and can’t even imagine anything good can come out of it. But after the “birth,” you forget all about the pregnancy agony.

3 responses to “Crafty Crow Flies!

  1. Thanks for the heads up–Rach was looking at those and considering–I am considering other materials we have on hand to try. And Rach LOVES crafty crow now. 🙂

  2. that looks like so much fun…but lots of patience needed for all

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