Water Fowl

While the older three children were at Wee Worship, Breanna and I visited the local goose and duck hang-out. The water fowl are so accustomed to people that they came within inches of us, looking for food. It is, however, against the rules to feed them. For good reason, I’m sure. Here are a few of my favorite waterfowl shots:

I’m embarrassed to admit I never noticed ducks have nostrils on their beaks, 

or that their feet have beautiful texture.

I don’t even know what kind of fowl this is. Brooke thinks he is a mix of a few breeds.

We collected a few different feathers for Brian’s collection that they might have lost while preening.

And we tried to notice all their details. I’m loving the webbed feet.

I love this photo–it looks like he’s wearing a hair piece.

This guy has a gobbler, like a turkey.

They seemed really hungry–probably because humans aren’t feeding them anymore.

I have to admit we had a much better time than we would have at the mall, which was the first thought on my mind.

2 responses to “Water Fowl

  1. Deb, these pictures are beautiful. I especially love the webbed feet!

  2. twilightspath

    I’ve never taken the time to really LOOK at these birds. I’m amazed at the details that all come together to make these birds! Great pictures!

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