Imagine walking down a tree-lined lane and over a walking bridge, navigating a wooded path that opens up into Paradise.

The water’s edge lined with rocks and the pools of warm water packed with lush long green grasses.

The softly rolling shallows eager for explorers to discover its beauty.

Recently our Restoration Place friends led us on such a journey.

We’ll never forget it.

7 responses to “Unforgettable

  1. You sure got great pics of the kids in the water!Love it!

  2. Sounds wonderful! Love the pics!

  3. looks wonderful, wish we could come play!

  4. Issac was so excited when he saw this. There are my friends he kept shouting–I think I need to get that kid some local friends.:)

  5. It was a *very* (~smile!~) memorable day. Maybe I’ll write a post on my–ahem–challenges of the day. Lol!

  6. twilightspath

    Wow, you take some really awesome pictures! That place looks like a ton of fun! 🙂

  7. Thanks! Though I can’t take credit for these photos on this post. My friend Kathy came through when I realized I didn’t have my memory card and my camera doesn’t have an internal memory. Argh. Thanks, Kath!

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