Return of the Pillowcase Dress…with a Special Guest

Brooke and her friend Grace made matching pillowcase dresses today.

We didn’t use real pillowcases–the girls chose fabric and we sewed them from scratch.

Because I wanted to make Breanna a matching dress, Brooke’s is a bit smaller and the pattern is turned 90 degrees. I like the subtle variation.

After they finished the dresses, the girls made a trunk-warmer for Grace’s elephant and a tail-warmer for Brooke’s monkey. So cute!

I enjoyed the time catching up with Grace’s mom.


5 responses to “Return of the Pillowcase Dress…with a Special Guest

  1. LOVE LOVE love this pattern!! Your ladies are making them look sssoooooooo cute!

  2. very nice dresses…i love the little bonus accessories for the stuffies…and i love the fabric…i have a small pile of that same fabirc i am holding on to and i am having a hard time finding just the right thing for it….

  3. Love the fabric. Tami is right, the girls make the fabric all the more fabulous.

  4. Those are so cute! Do you have a Tutorial for these?

  5. These dresses were so cute, that I just had to copy. I hope you don’t mind. I have two girls and after seeing the pillowcase dresses we went to JoAnns and to our surprise, we found the same fabric along with some others . I gave my girls a choice of some bold prints and this was what they picked. I did however, change it up a bit. My oldest has the smaller print with sage green trim and my younger the larger with pink trim. I whipped them up last night and they look so cute in their coordinating outfits. Thanks so much for motivating me. God Bless!

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