The Motherlode of Prizes

First, I love this simple mom giveaway because it uses one of my favorite words, fortuitous. Look that one up!

Then I love it because it features all these great items:

Six reusable produce bags from AMK Designs

A yummy soy candle from Bliss Candle

A Marie-Madeline Studio fancy apron

Organizing Bags from The Lazy Organizer

A set of customized calling cards from Busy Nest

A personalized super-hero cape from Plum Pear Apple

and a lifetime subscription to Pear Budget

Don’t miss out on this one–head on over to simple mom for a chance to win over $200 worth of really cool prizes! Somebody has to win.


2 responses to “The Motherlode of Prizes

  1. Oh wow, I NEVER enter contests but this is amazing.

  2. twilightspath

    Hmmm, I wonder if the contest is just for moms? Because I SO am wanting the super-hero cape 😛

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