Happy 13th!

Today hubby and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary!

Oh, that I could pull out tons of old photos and scan them–our scanner doesn’t work!

Oh, that I could tell you stories of our marriage–I’m sure you have enough of your own.

What I do have is this crazy photo of both of us working late on our laptops. It’ll have to do.

Happy Anniversary, Honey!!

Oh, GOODIE–I have a better one to share:


5 responses to “Happy 13th!

  1. Happy 13th anniversary! We are not far behind–our 12th is in January.

  2. Congratulations! With each year getting sweeter!

  3. Ha! That’s how we do it too…only we sit in adjacent chairs. lol.

    Happy 13th!

    Now put down the laptop, and give him a big smooch! 😉

  4. Happy Anniversary Deb! The best photos of me and Doug are the ones we take of ourselves, with one of us reaching the camera out at arm’s length and hoping it turns out. So much more fun than posing while someone else takes the photo for us.

  5. Hello,

    I came over from a small notebook and glad I did!

    My husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary in August of this year also!

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