Home School Resolutions!

I’m beginning to think Home School resolutions are as useless as New Year’s Resolutions.

Top 10 Before-School-Starts Resolutions

10. Organize the school room completely.

9. Spring clean (well, fall clean) the whole house.

8. Get the kids portraits taken at a studio.

7. Completely plan my entire school year.

6. Have one last “hurrah!”

5. Finish my yearly goals list.

4. Make Toddler Learning Bags and come up with a plan for the youngers.

3. Get up every morning to exercise.

2. Surprise the kids with a cone of goodies for the first morning.

1. Become the best Home School mother that ever lived.

Tell me I’m not alone in making these inane resolutions I’ll likely never keep. What do you decide to do every year to start out your school year? How well do you do?


8 responses to “Home School Resolutions!

  1. I think I used to. I don’t anymore. I am all about short term goals. Right now my goal is to get the kids to sleep before 10 and get them up by 9. 🙂

  2. I dont plan like that either. I pretty much know what Im going to do and what Im not going to do. But from the blog world I can assure you that you’re not alone. I see a lot of people making plans then facing reality a few weeks later.

  3. I have a similar list, most things started, very few completed!

  4. Your “insane resolutions” have a whole lot less to do with home school than with being a WONDERFUL MOM who’s constantly striving towards growth and improvement!!

  5. My list includes get my daughter through 1st grade, keep my hair in my scalp, and BREATHE. By the way, what is a Toddler Learning Bag??? Wishing you all the best in your resolutions!!!

  6. Hi Deb! Oh, I miss those days! I need to go organize a bookshelf or something.
    Or maybe write some lesson plans for my grandboys… my daughter is certain to appreciate that, don’t you think?

    The great thing about New Year’s resolutions, is that you can renew (or re-write!) the back-to-school resolutions! Have a great school year!

    Kim 🙂

  7. what a great idea and a great list of resolutions. I am going to have to think about making a list of goals/resolutions for us as we get ready to start our school year.

  8. My goals are…

    1. Surviving another school year…
    2. Balancing work, school, family time, Josh’s ballet and “house responsibilities” somehow…
    3. Helping Jillian adjust in school in any way possible, new year, new teacher, new f/t teacher’s aid…
    4. Having some me time… ok, maybe sometime this year… ok, well, at least three minutes a day? Ha!
    5. Praying my way through all of the above… I KNOW this one will get done!

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