The Funky Back to School Dance

And the best part? The kids finished almost a week’s worth of lessons in 2 hours, so I know I can ease up on our plans. And the really best part?? That the boys kept begging to do MORE school work after dinner. And I had to tell them to go PLAY! What a riot.


3 responses to “The Funky Back to School Dance

  1. Yay! What a fabulous day for all!

  2. wow. you had to make them stop school? That is fantastic! I love the dance. Some days we have to do a dance during school…it is called the “get the whiney’s out” dance….or “shake out the crabbies” dance. Those usually come at the end of the school year though.

  3. I know I’m supposed to be looking at the cute kids, but I couldn’t help but notice how CLEAN your house looks!!!!!

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