Wilmington Children’s Museum

Midway through vacation week, just when we were ready for a short break from sandy feet, it stormed–so we headed to our favorite tourist spot, the Wilmington Children’s Museum.

Let me take you on a tour of this most amazing place.

The Science Lab

The Pirate Ship and Beach

The Art Room

The Circus Room

The Grocery Store

The Cafe

The Black Light Room

The Movie Studio

The Karaoke Cove

The Outdoor Wonderland

 Tomorrow…sea oddities and beauties.


6 responses to “Wilmington Children’s Museum

  1. We LOVE our science museum, and would love it more if it weren’t so far away and expensive. :)That one looks AWESOME!

  2. It does look awesome – the spiderweb is a hoot!

  3. What a FUN place!!

  4. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. I AM SO LOVING YOUR BLOG!! I have been looking through your archives (got as far back as your Staycation (wish I lived in a place as beautiful as yours!) and now am about to head over to your Mothers and Daughter section as well as your crafting section. BEAUTIFUL blog! Thank you for all you share!! 🙂

  6. we are looking into renting a beach house next spring (we have family in north carolina) do you have any advice? there is so much to choose from when looking online. thanks!!

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