Family Circles

Doorposts has a wonderful resource called Family Circles which helps you to plan Special Time with your family. I added in the chore function and came up with a tool that helps us to get our house clean and make time for one another.

Each morning I rotate the blue circle clockwise and the yellow circle counter-clockwise. The kids LOVE it! You really could amend this in so many ways. Brooke says, “It’s fun!” Okay, so when did your 8 year old last say chore charts were fun?!


4 responses to “Family Circles

  1. I just showed this to Brandon, and he agrees with Brooke… he said “OH!! That’s cool! We should make one of these!”

  2. Thanks for reminding me about Family Circles. It’s on my project list!

  3. this is great!
    i am going to think about how to work something like this into our life….

  4. This is genious – you are such an inspiration Deb!!

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