Over and again friends have asked me where I collected the doodads in the bowl on my coffee table. I was embarrassed to have to admit they were “potpourri” from the craft store. So on vacation I collected a huge bag of authentic North Carolina beach shells, so that when my friends ask I can hold my head high and say I plucked them right off the beach between waves.

That makes me think of the “advice” I pass on sometimes. I give suggestions based on what I’ve read in books or heard on radio programs. But really, it is what I’ve learned first-hand that is most precious. It’s what I’ve gleaned through the crash of the waves that is really valuable to others.


2 responses to “Authentic

  1. What a great idea! I’ve been collecting shells since I was a kid and have a whole jar of them from beaches from around the world that I’ve visited. I keep them on my desk at work next to pictures of us from the beach to remind me about my favorite time of the year (summer of course, b/c I don’t have to work). You should add to this bowl after each vacation that you take to Topsail Island! I love your ideas!

  2. This is EXACTLY what I needed today as I try to set up this new site. God knows EXACTLY what He is doing and I need to keep on the same page as He is. 🙂

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