The Hardest Hat to Wear

I’ve avoided writing about the Presidential election until now. And I know this is probably the last place you come to read about politics. But I wonder if you’re not feeling like I was–confused between what my head was saying and what my heart knows to be true.

At the first mention of Sarah Palin’s partnership with John McCain, I put on my

Mother-of-Four Hat:

There’s no way a mother of five can do justice to her family while holding such a demanding position. Really, how can she do all the things I think make someone a good mother and give her all to the government?

Then, I wrestled with myself and ended up wearing my

Ms. Equality-Non-Hypocrite Hat:

If I’m not going to question the ability of fathers of young children (e.g. Barak Obama) to successfully hold public offices, then I won’t question the women of young children.

Right after Ms. Palin’s speech at the RNC last week, my alter-ego slapped on my

Throw-Her-Under-the-Bus Hat:

She’s got what it takes to bring some change to Washington. Let her figure out what to do with her children. I don’t really care, as long as she does what she says she’ll do in Washington.

Oh, but really the hat I need to wear is a


It’s what I’ll need while the doctor uses a crane to extract the BEAM from my EYE.


7 responses to “The Hardest Hat to Wear

  1. I have stayed out of the whole discussion (and my goodness is there ever a discussion going on.) If God is willing then she will have what she needs to do it–my problem is that SHE would not be president and I still can’t stand McCain. 🙂

    I love this article and I have been in that place in many OTHER discussions that go around and need to keep my hard hat on. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your nice comments on my “fall kitchen” post!

  3. Yep Ive been wearing all those hats too but it boils down to the fact that if she can do the job then I want her in there.

  4. Isn’t your post so true.

    I figure it’s really not my place to decide whether she can or cannot do it. It comes down to if she is called to do it.

    If she’s called to do it. Christ will find a way. If we outwardly looked at most men and women of the Bible we would conclude that they couldn’t possibly do what they were asked to do. Moses had a speech problem, Sarah was to old to have a child. And David…with all of his faults, how could he be a great man of God?

    Praise God that all we have to do is trust in Him and He will do the rest.

    That is what I plan to do with this upcoming election. I will pray, I will vote, and I will trust God for the rest.

  5. Thanks for being a voice of reason in this whole insane discussion!

  6. Great post! I love the way you put that. I wrote about the same thing! I think this is coming up more and more across blogland. . maybe the Lord will use it to change our hearts to be more gracious!


  7. Thanks for this good sense. We all tend to get so overwhelmed in our opinions of everything and everybody.

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