Know When to Fold ‘Em

(Kenny Rogers fans, you know the tune.)

Brad asked to make origami water bombs. It sounded like a good idea on a hot day.

Just fold a piece of construction paper a few times,

blow it out into a cube and fill it with water

and throw it as far as you can, or wait to ambush your dad!

But be careful! He knows how to follow directions, too!!

5 responses to “Know When to Fold ‘Em

  1. OOOO! I forgot all about those. Must show the kids how to make them–Issac has been using a paper airplane book and folding all sorts of things, he would LOVE that!

  2. I ve never seen these. Its amazing it can hold water like that without just soaking through the paper and running out!

  3. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the instructions for those, I have three boys who would absolutely love them.

  4. Wow! I’ve never heard of these….and now I have the sudden urge to make several dozen and throw them off my dorm roof….

  5. First time here, came over from Gwendolyn’s. Your pictures are really good! I’m enjoying your posts.

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