Collecting Friends

We’ve been honoring our visitors lately with our best china and glassware. The only caveat is that they agree to be trapped in it until we can sketch them!


3 responses to “Collecting Friends

  1. LOL…I just wanted to say that I love your blog…but I’m not sure now that I would ever want to visit you.

  2. that is quite a creature!

  3. I regret the need to tell you that I haven’t actually started reading The Shack yet. It’s sitting right here beside my bed waiting for that moment when we can unite in evening splendor. =)

    Instead, I’ve gotten all wrapped up in some classes I’m taking and am barely keeping up, with two other classes quick on my tail.

    I SSOOOO want to start reading it. The time will come, but it may be awhile. Sorry for my “lack” of perspective. Before you ask, I haven’t started reading Love Burning In The Soul yet either …. but the other three are underway, just very slowly.

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