Shoehorns and Carbohydrates

I stepped into a crowded but quiet library on a weekday morning with two antsy boys, one sweet girl and one ornery two year old who wants to walk “myself!” bypassed the computer directory (to save time) and headed straight to the librarian to help me find a book on the Atkins diet. What I ended up with was a lecture about how “we all know how to lose weight, we just need to do it.” Of course, the librarian himself was portly.

He found it his duty to dispense advice on which diets were trendiest and which were on their way “out,” and offer his suggestions for what I might need. All the while I was nearly lying on the floor trying to hold onto Breanna’s hand and use my other hand to stifle her screams. The other children took license to begin pulling all manner of books off the shelves (in God knows which section), deducing by the librarian’s mannerisms that we were in for the long haul. And the book? Checked out! I have two words: Interlibrary Loan. Well, maybe another two: Online Request.

An hour later we were scrounging the children’s department of Sears for sneakers and encountered another “helpful” employee starving for daytime conversation. I cringed–what now, a lecture on choosing the right athletic shoe? This woman was a God-send, quick enough to see I was a little overwhelmed and willing to use her wits to help-a-sista-out. She gave the boys a full-fledged lesson on the use of shoe horns, complete with hands-on exercises. They were enthralled long enough for Brooke to try on 6 pairs of shoes in peace.

You know what? No matter the delivery or venue, we’re learning all the time. Whether the instruction or instructor seems intrusive or helpful, we’re always learning. There’s just no escaping it.


5 responses to “Shoehorns and Carbohydrates

  1. Hilarious! I can just picture it all ~big grin~!

  2. Why does it seem like people want to have a conversation with you when you are trying desperately to contain your children? People used to do this all the time to me when my younger three were smaller. I would be trying so hard to make sure that they weren’t destroying anything or getting lost, and someone would just be babbling away. I always wondered if they had ever had kids!

  3. Sorry sweetie…we have it! And we’re NOT giving it back! HaHa! I am telling the truth. Hubby & I got it out I believe it was Saturday. We have BOTH lost weight already. We began on Sunday and I have lost 7 pounds already and Shannon 8!! Praise God!!!

  4. Oh I run into people like that all the time! 🙂 I hate that.

    Though it is so awesome when someone has an interest and wants to share.

  5. We share that same library experience, well the actions of the kids anyway, every week! Tallulah is only happy walking now, and her walking never includes holding hands! Try and hold her hand and she pulls and wiggles whining “I want walk, I want walk!”

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