Twenty Little Treasures

Remember the post where I kicked and screamed to hold onto summer? Well, I won’t be forced, but I can be wooed. Autumn is whispering my name softly in the light smoke of the first fire. He is calling me out to the forest with the swish of falling yellow leaves. He is tempting me with crisp red apples and caramel. I am warming up to him.

Melissa at The Inspired Room encouraged me to blog about my favorite autumn treasures:

  • Tattered red leaves in a bowl on my dining room table.
  • Fleece snugglies from the attic.
  • Family walks after dinner under beautiful sunsets.
  • Freshly-picked Apples for candying and bobbing.
  • Kids’ superhero costumes and flying through the house.
  • Bonfires with neighbors.
  • Thousands of migrating birds (“pepper”) against the mid-afternoon clouds.
  • Dry corn fields to trample. 
  • Old plaid shirts and hay for stuffing scarecrows.
  • Lighting the first fire of the year.
  • Monday Night Football with kids.
  • Sunday Newspaper (on the floor in front of the fire, during the football game).
  • Hubby’s lined flannel shirts–on me.
  • Acorn tops for filling glass jars.
  • My dad’s chili and cornbread and banana pudding.
  • New shoes to snuggle my toes.
  • Backyard Cowboy Camp Outs with freeze dance to Roy Rogers’ music.
  • School buses burping up squealing children.
  • Fall festival dancing and pumpkin picking.
  • Thanksgiving recipe cards smudged with pumpkin pies of the past.

9 responses to “Twenty Little Treasures

  1. This post made me long for the two weeks of fall weather that we might have here if we’re lucky! Sigh. I need to move somewhere that has seasons.

  2. Ah, {sigh}, I love Fall. But you knew that. Your list definitely brings back lots of lovely memories. Thanks for (gently) coming along on the journey towards fall….

    Fall blessings,

  3. I can relate to the recipe cards with memories of ‘baking times past’! Enjoyed your list. Happy Fall!

  4. I love fall. It has been fun reading these lists all over blogland. 🙂

  5. What a great picture of your littlest one! She is too cute!

  6. Now I love my smudged recipe cards, too, and it’s always a bit of a thrill to search through them, but I never thought of that one!

    What a sweet little girl!

  7. Such a sweetie pie you have!!!

    Great list.
    I so need to add to my list with some of the things from your list!

  8. Great list of wonderful things. Happy Fall!

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