I’m Engaged

Remember that slick courter, Fall? He wooed me with his woodsy cologne and crisp new suit. I’ve accepted his proposal. We’re to be married when afternoon weather falls below 70. Until then, I’m planning our wedding:

Here’s how I did it:

I nestled these cute little pupka pods that look just like mini-pumpkins in my Southern Living at Home mini-vases.

Brooke and I pulled all the dried kernels off three stalks of indian corn and scattered them around this yummy essential oil candle, in the middle of a shallow bamboo bowl.

I filled a globe lantern with little pine cones and tied a bow around it.

I drizzled some bird seed around a chunky candle. This still needs something–any ideas?

Everyting rests on four brown napkins I dug out of storage.

In the living room I replaced shells with stones:

and autumn-ized our Tree for All Seasons (an idea I got from KONOS).

I’m waiting for a cool afternoon to work on our felted leaf garland…umm, I mean wedding veil.

NOTE: Because God’s single message to me recently has been “Use What You Have,” (which is not what you want to hear while you’re drooling over some snazzy sweater in the store window), I pulled out all things “fall” from storage and went to work. Mind you, I don’t store seasonal decor and I haven’t decorated for fall in over six years!

8 responses to “I’m Engaged

  1. Now you need to come do our house because I am no good at that sort of thing. I am great at developing crafts and can tell you “how to” but forget actually decorating. 🙂

  2. Oh, this got me thinking–I used to decorate all the time and now I remember why I quit. My husband couldn’t leave things alone and would take every decoration as a challenge–bowl of Christmas balls with shiny ribbon throughout–lets make a necklace, candles with artful drippings–lets peal all the drippings off…no wonder I gave up and now I don’t even notice.

  3. Beautiful! And I just love how you “used what you have” – we are trying to do the same thing, at the same time as radical decluttering. I don’t have much, and I’m decoratingly challenged as it is – so this post is great to get the creative juices flowing. Just beautiful!

  4. Stunning and oh so creative! I love fall decorating and do it every year. It isnt fall without it!

  5. What cute decor! I love fall decorating. . .though we don’t even really get fall here!!! So not fair!

    Love the Use what You Have thing too. . .Oh how God is teaching me to be a good steward!


  6. Everything is perfect!! I love it all! I’ll have to try some of that around my candles!

  7. Great ideas and oh – so – funny!!!

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