In Front of the Camera

Randi over at I Have to Say issued a call for us faceless bloggers to reveal our mugs. Because she asked “Please. Pretty please,” I can’t say no.

The Photo:

The Thoughts About the Photo:

Look at that gorgeous eight year old who was just eight days old yesterday. And look at that 36 year old-nice enough hair, but check out those sagging eyelids and wrinkles! Still, that smile–it’s one of complete content. And why not? Who wouldn’t be content in Plenty.

Oh, and found one more from this past Easter.

Just found this one on my camera–I took it on a good hair day to remind my stylist how I like it cut.


10 responses to “In Front of the Camera

  1. You and your girl look so much alike! Lovely photos!

  2. How nice to meet you! You are a beautiful family. XO

  3. Very sweet. I was going to do this but realized my only recent photo is in a video my oldest took this last week and I can’t get a screen shot from it.

  4. Wow, you DO look alike!

    I know what you mean… they grow up way too fast! My oldest turned 8 last week. It’s amazing how quickly it happens!

  5. Beautiful family, lots of love going on there!

  6. Lovely family., lovely pics. I also love the pic below of the little one eating a caramel apple. When I was a kid a caramel apples was such a rare treat I thought I must have died and gone to heaven when I first ate one!

  7. Such a a beautiful family…and You are beautiful, too! So nice to “see” you!

    I’m inching in on 34…in just a few weeks….and have found myself picking out more wrinkles and dark circles than I ever imagined! Maybe it just comes with this phase of life. But, like you….I’m perfectly content!

  8. Gorgeous family. I’m still hiding behind the camera, but one of these days I’ll appear. People always tell me I my kids look just like me and I love that because between you and me, my kids are stunning 😉

    p.s. We’ll have to get together so you can show me Brooms Bloom.

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