Like A Kiss from God

The first time my husband kissed me, he met my lips with a gentleness which begged response. Over and again God kisses us our home schooling family tenderly, and all we have to do is respond.

Today He kissed us twice:

Next week we begin our Eyes and Seeing KONOS unit. Brad just “happened” to have an appointment with his wonderful pediatric ophthalmologist this afternoon. She was enough kind to write down words to describe his vision challenges so we can look them up.

Tonight was the first time we observed a visitor to our new birdfeeders. Six year old Brad ran for the field guide and helped identify this Downy Woodpecker. It led to reading Pale Male, the true story of a Red-Tailed Hawk in New York City, which also included an illustration of a woodpecker. Four year old Brian was quick to pull out the guide to show us that it was a Red-Bellied Woodpecker.

Oh, the sweet sweet love of Jesus that is forever teaching our hearts, whether during regular “school” hours, in a doctor’s office, or during a twilight glance out our front window.


One response to “Like A Kiss from God

  1. Beautiful Downy! They’re pretty friendly, too. They *love* suet and peanut butter, in case you don’t have any out for them. Isn’t it interesting that they have such large eyes? (speaking of your Eyes and Vision unit). Sounds like a very interesting unit!

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