A Little Learning Update

This semester we’re really focusing in on learning the essentials. Brooke’s working on Spectrum Spelling; Brad’s loving Explode the Code; and Brian is preparing his Nature Journal.

Breanna loves writing on her chalk board.

We also allow plenty of time for them to pursue their creative interests. Brian is always making some sort of contraption that might come in handy if he’s stranded on a deserted island.

Brea likes to get her whole body into the mix.

There’s nothing wrong with playing with your food. Most of the time.

If you can’t get out to the zoo, just create one of your own. You can even act like a wild animal and let your zookeeper brother tranquilize you.

Cowboy Campfires are pretty fun, too, even if you only have a lamp.

5 responses to “A Little Learning Update

  1. Ive taken this semester to pound in core basic learning too. I love the sunlight and shadow in the pic of you toddler on the floor. Gorgeous.

  2. It looks like lots of learning fun is going on at your house! I enjoyed all of the pictures!

  3. Aren’t these moments the best? I love seeing snapshots of the learning going on in your home.

  4. I love his fruit and Cheerios skewers….they do look yummy! And, the photo of your little one in the sunlight….gorgeous!

  5. Yummy fruit skewers. I know you told me that you use KONOS but I am curious how you chose that program. My oldest will be in kinder next fall and I am seriously considering home schooling. There are a lot of programs out there though. Help!

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