Connie’s Cause

This summer Chuck’s sister Connie had an unexpected seizure at our home and ended up a few days later with the shocking news that she has stage 4 brain cancer (the same kind Ted Kennedy has). She’s only 45 and has twin 11 year old children, which makes the situation all that more distressing. Her church family has really, really stepped up to help the family–taking her to all her chemo appointments, keeping the house stocked with food and cleaned, organizing fund raisers to help with regular and medical bills, designing and selling t-shirts, and more.

Saturday night they hosted a Spaghetti Dinner. It was amazing to be witness to the body of Christ functioning as it should. If you’re local, join us for a Bull Roast this January. Connie would love to meet you.


2 responses to “Connie’s Cause

  1. um, i tried to look around, but couldn’t figure out… where is local for you?

  2. I’m so moved by the testimony of her church’s care for her at this time.

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