I usually think of that number as the “perfect” or “complete” number. It is, however, how many points the market fell today. I was panicking–not as in, “Will we recoup our losses?” but as in, “Will we be able to feed our children if our country falls into a full-fledged depression?”–when hubby said, “It fell triple 7’s, which of course means God’s in control.” Such faith. I love him.

My grandmother was a child of the Great Depression. When she moved into a small room in my aunt’s house for her last few years of life, she brought 7 partially used rolls of scotch tape. She had a “use what you have” mentality. Now the phrase the Lord has been speaking to me makes perfect sense: Use What You Have. It’s precisely what he’s been whispering to me whenever my hand is on my wallet. Use What You Have. He is always so gracious to pre-empt my fears with His great ominscience.


2 responses to “777

  1. Thank you for sharing that. I was so happy about the bailout not going through I forgot to watch the market (well I never watch it anyway but….). God has been showing Himself right and left around here so I have been kept from worrying . 🙂 I don’t worry easily anyway but my husband is another story and I have been hard put to keep him looking at God. 🙂 Will definitely share this with him.

  2. It really is a beautiful way to look at an ugly situation!

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