Not Even a Hint

There was nothing in Breanna’s behavior this morning that hinted to her big growth spurt today. She had a little tantrum this morning–pretty typical for a two year old.

But just an hour later she sneaked off to the bathroom all by herself and made a two-ie (have to watch my words so google doesn’t send unsavory characters here) for the first time ever!

And when I took the boys for hair cuts, she decided she wanted one. You have to understand, she’s never had a professional haircut because she kicks and screams–or at least she used to. She was a perfect girl for this hair cut. And so pretty!

I’ve heard it said, but now I know in my heart–it’s bittersweet watching your last child grow up.


3 responses to “Not Even a Hint

  1. Sigh. Too adorable. I find myself getting sad now that Owen’s four because all of the toddler moments are gone, and we can’t have any more babies. I’m just going to have to go adopt me some. LOL

  2. Can’t wait to see Breanna’s joyful face and beautiful hair tomorrow!

  3. Ah – the marks of maturity! So sweet to observe them as a mom!!

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